Archeology and Natural Science​

An archeological section, from Prehistory to High Middle Ages, with unique finds of the area of Vicenza. A Naturalistic section with one of the most significant paleontological collection of the entire Veneto.

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Archeological and Natural Science Museum "G. Zannato"

Il sistema museale Agno-Chiampo (Agno-Chiampo Museum Network)

Il Sistema Museale Agno-Chiampo (Agno-Chiampo Museum Network) is a joint initiative undertaken by nine neighbouring towns in the western part of the province of Vicenza, with the purpose of managing more effectively and efficiently the archaeological and naturalistic patrimony of the area.

Association Amici del Museo "G. Zannato" (Friends of "G. Zannato" Museum Association)

The Friends of “G. Zannato” Museum Association has always supported the museum with various forms of collaboration, in addition to running its own scientific research projects.

Exposure and event of the Museum

The Museum organize regularly divulgative and scientific projects to enhance the collections and the territorial heritage.

Science and dissemination



Studies and Researches

The Scientific journal of the Museum and of the Friends of Museum association

It talks about mineralogical, paleontological, faunistical, floristical and archeological nature of Veneto area and, in a particular way, Vicenza.

Soon we will publish the whole list of publications and numbers of the Museum

Volumes publisched
from 1994
Scientific pubblications
about territory

Educational activities of the Museum

The Museum offers didactic activities for the schools of the not only for the Vicenza province.

The common strategy to the various proposals favors direct approach to the material exhibited in the Museum and experimentation activities, in order to actively involve pupils in the process of building knolowedge

a.s. 2021-2022

The Museum offers educational activities non only for the school of the Vicenza administration.

Archeology, from the Ancient Veneti to the Roman epoc, Natural Science (paleontology, mineralogy, botanic, ecc.) and Route in the territorial itineraries and in the natural site of the all municipalities of the network.

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