Comune di Montecchio Maggiore

Room 3: fossil crustaceans from around the world

Tumidocarcinus giganteus - Canterbury, New Zealand
Photo Monistier

In this room there are fossil crustaceans from the famous German site of Solnhofen, the Americas (Mexico, Argentina and Chile), Oceania (New Zealand), Lebanon and various localities in Europe (Spain, Holland, France).

Knowledge about fossil crustaceans have increased substantially in recent decades. Nevertheless, in various parts of the world, some deposits particularly rich in species or individuals have been known for centuries. As with all fossils, the record of crustaceans also provide information about different aspects of life in the past: they may relate to general information on the evolutionary history of the group, paleogeographic and paleoenvironmental conditions or issues related to the relationship of the individual species with the environment and the entire ancient biological communities.

Mecochirus longimanatus Carpopenaeus callirostris

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