Comune di Montecchio Maggiore

Room D: Roman Age

Bronzetto di Minerva
Statuetta in bronzo di Minerva - Montecchio Maggiore
Foto Monistier

During the Roman age, the southern part of the Agno-Guà and Chiampo valley belonged to the Municipium of Vicetia (Vicenza), as documented by some inscriptions found in the area, including that of Severus Lucius Hostilius of the tribe Menenia, authority (quattuorvir) of the Municipium of Vicenza.
Another stele, from Costo di Arzignano, belongs to a freedwoman.

The numerous findings relating to domestic and productive activities and other aspects of daily life come from rural settlements and necropolis in Montecchio Maggiore, Arzignano and Altavilla. There are also roof tiles with stamps from Montecchio Maggiore and four storage jars from the Zannato collection.
In the same room the grave goods from late Roman necropolis of Carpane in Montecchio Maggiore are in display, as is the tomb of a 5th century East Germanic knight serving the Roman army, buried with his weapons and a part of his horse, found in Cava Poscola near Arzignano.

Sala romanaSala romana

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