The Archeological section

The archeological collections include findings from Prehistory to High Middle Age, which all belong to Museum Network. The main items are constitute mainly by ceramic materials of the Bronze age and the Roman age.

The Naturalistic section

The natural history collections include, in addition to a small group of botanical and zoological collections, mainly palaeontological and mineralogical specimens (data updated September 2014).

The paleontological collection is formed (data updated September 2014) by more than 4000 specimens mainly from the Cenozoic of the local area. The majority of the collection is represented by Eocene and Oligocene fossil crustaceans with more than 150 holotypes and 480 paratipes.

The mineralogical collection (data updated September 2014) is composed of more than 3200 samples. The minerals are mostly derived from the Vicenza area.

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