The oldest finds from the territory of Montecchio Maggiore date back from the Neolithic (6500-3400 BC) and Bronze Age (2300-1650 BC).
Flint artefacts including cores, scrapers and chisels, arrowheads, sickle elements and a fragment of polished green stone axe are shown. A copper dagger blade from the tomb of a warrior discovered in 1914 in Montecchio Maggiore dates back to the Ancient Bronze Age.

Fragments of storage and serving vessels, hearth forniture, a grindstone and a strainer from settlements on Montecchio Maggiore Castle Hill (Monte Nero and Colombara) date back to the Middle and Late Bronze Age (1650-950 BC).

Other earthenware finds, dating from the Late Bronze Age and early Iron Age (1200-800 BC), come from the top of Mount Castle in Castelgomberto.

Frammenti ceramici - Castelgomberto Foto Monistier
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