The room is dedicated to the Roman necropolis discovered in 2013 during preventive archaeological investigations in Alte Ceccato.
The necropolis was located at the intersection of two ancient roads (cardo and decumanus of the centuriation system). The graves, dated between the 2nd half of the 2nd century AC. and the beginning of the 4th century AC., are cremation graves, except for two burials of children and the burial of a dog. Among the grave goods, the combination of a food container (plate or pan) and one for wine and other drinks (small pot, cup or mug) is frequent. Archaeobiological investigations have revealed the presence of fragments of bread, cereals, grapes, walnuts and hazelnuts, laid in the tombs as food offerings.

The grave goods are displayed with the photographic documentation of the excavation and the reconstructions of food offers, of containers made ​​of perishable material for the burnt bones and of iron tacked shoes.

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